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Workshop II. Noncommutative Geometry: State of the Art and Future Prospects

March 29-April 2, 2017


1. Sir Michael Atiyah (U.K.)(abstract, slides, video)

2. Paul Baum (U.S.A.)(abstract, slides, video)

3. Jean-Benoit Bost (France)(abstract, slides, video)

4.  Pierre Cartier (France)(abstract, video)

5. Alain Connes (France)(abstract,slides, photo1,photo2,photo3,photo4,photo5,photo6,photo7,photo8,photo9,photo10,video)

6. Joachim Cuntz (Germany)(abstract, video)

7. Lars Hesselholt (Denmark)(abstract, video)

8. Nigel Higson (U.S.A.)(abstract, slides, video)

9. Roberto Longo (Italy)(abstract, slides, video)

10. Henri Moscovici (U.S.A.)(abstract, slides, video)

11. Sorin Popa (U.S.A.)(abstract, slides, video)

12. Graeme Segal(U.K.)(abstract, slides, video)

13. Dimitri Shlyakhtenko (U.S.A)(abstract, slidesvideo)

14. Georges Skandalis (France)(abstract, slides, video)

15. Erling Stormer (Norway)(title, video)

16. Dennis Sullivan (U.S.A.)(abstract, handout, video)

17. Gang Tian (China)(abstract, slides, video)

18. Stefaan Vaes (Belgium)(abstract, slides, video)

19. Dan-Virgil Voiculescu (U.S.A.)(abstract, slides, video)

20. Mariusz Wodzicki (U.S.A.)(title, video)

21. Guoliang Yu (U.S.A.)(abstract, video)

22. Dmitriy Zanin (Australia)(abstract, slides, video)

23. Weiping Zhang (China) (abstract, slides, video)

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