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Workshop I. Noncommutative Geometry: Index Theory and its Ramifications in Geometry, Topology, and Physics,

March 23-27, 2017.


1. John Barrett (U.K.)(abstract, slides, video)

2. Jonathan Block (U.S.A.)(abstract, video)

3. Ali Chamseddine (Lebanon)(abstractslides, video)

4. Alain Connes (France)(abstract,slides,photo1,photo2,photo3,photo4,photo5,photo6,photo7,photo8,photo9,video)

5. Claire Debord (France)(abstract, slides, video)

6. Farzad Fathizadeh(U.S.A.)(abstract, slides, video)

7. Alexander Gorokhovsky (U.S.A.)(abstract, slides, video)

8. Michel Hilsum(CNRS)(abstract, slides, video

9. Masoud Khalkhali (Canada)(abstract, slides, video)

10. Max Karoubi (France) (abstract, video)

11. Tsuyoshi Kato(Japan)(abstract, video)

12. Giovanni Landi(Italy)(abstract, slides, video)

13. Ryszard Nest (Denmark)(abstract, slides, video)

14. Herve Oyono-Oyono (France)(abstract, slides, video)

15. Paolo Piazza (Italy)(abstract, slides, video)

16. Raphael Ponge (Korea)(abstract, slides, video)

17. Marc Rieffel (U.S.A.)(abstractslides, video)

18. Fedor Sukochev (Australia)(abstractslidesvideo)

19. Walter Van Suijlekom (The Netherlands)(abstract, slides, video)

20. Xiang Tang (U.S.A.)(abstract, video)

21. Zhizhang Xie (U.S.A.)(abstract, video)

22. Mathai Varghese (Australia)(abstract, slides, video)

23. Rufus Willett (U.S.A.)(abstract, video)

24. Raimar Wulkenhaar (Germany)(abstract, slides, video)

25. Yi-Jun Yao (China)(abstractslides, video)

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